About us


Source for Optimum Performance

Wirabima views business performance the way you do…
It’s not about maintenance.
It’s about improvement.

To help you achieve it, we offer a complete package of services, products, technology and expertise backed by a commitment to optimize everything we do for your machines. So instead of simply replacing parts, you can boost efficiency. Instead of only making repairs, you can extend service life. Instead of struggling to meet regulations, you can make meaningful advances in safety and environmental compliance. And instead of continually responding to emergencies, you can monitor and assure long-term reliability.

Wirabima has delivered and provided robust, reliable, flexible, versatile and efficient steam turbine solutions for a broad spectrum of its customers’ power generation needs make it the only resource you need to enhance the performance of large-horsepower compressors, steam turbines, generators, electric panels and other machinery made by any manufacturer, in any service, anywhere in Indonesia.

Wirabima is uniquely qualified to deliver the engineering support, services and products your machines need. In more than 10 years of service to diverse needs of energy, power generation, manufacturing and other heavy industries, we’ve amassed unequalled technology and expertise.

Organizational Background

Wirabima was formed in 2013 by three senior level engineer drive a company with passion and expertise to produce high quality products and provide sustainable solutions in General Trading and Service Steam Turbines, Mechanical Field Services: a provider of monitoring and diagnostic, repair, maintenance and overhaul services for reciprocating and rotating equipment/ machinery.

As a single organization and an emerging engineering service company which offers its customers with the cutting edge energy technology products and quality services. Cost effectiveness and energy efficiency are the parameters we focus, and with our existing energy management services we are now expanding in supplying complete energy and power solutions to our valued customers. Wirabima is dedicated to leveraging industry-leading engineering and service resources to give you the best possible steam turbines and engine reliability.

Wirabima has been providing its customers with outstanding products and services such Product Quality, Trust and Reliability, superior customer service, value creation and commitment are the principles that guide Wirabima in achieving its business endeavors that reflect the company’s commitment to operational excellence, innovation and market leadership.

  • Highly experienced, in-house engineering teams
  • Turnkey project management
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, sophisticated modeling, FEA and valve dynamics simulation
  • Extensive research and development programs
  • Materials laboratories
  • Test compressors
  • Factory repairs
  • Field services
  • Strategically located service centers
  • 24/7/365 response
  • Indonesian sales, distribution and support
  • Bundled services with alliance partners
  • Patented Technologies
  • ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing and 5S methodology
  • Products include all components ‘from the crosshead out’
  • Portable and online condition monitoring systems
  • Broad range of emissions solutions
  • Test compressors
National Footprint

With representatives and factory-certified service centers in several Indonesian location, Wirabima meets the needs of any reciprocating compressors, steam turbines, generators, electric panels and other machinery, anywhere in the Indonesia.