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Complete service solutions for almost any brands in the world

We are helping global power producers stay competitive in an ever-changing market, providing tailored services throughout the entire plant lifecycle.
Ageing components, efficiency losses, environmental performance and inflexibility are among the issues facing older steam plants. With years of expertise, we can provide innovative retrofits, modernization options and services that improve a plant’s reliability and output while reducing emissions, improving flexibility and extending plant lifetime.

What we offer

  • Parts
  • Repairs
  • Field service
  • Technical expertise and operational support
  • Performance improvement
  • Service contracts
  • Services for steam power plant equipment
  • Services on equipment from other original equipment manufacturers

Parts for utility and industrial steam power plant equipment


Optimize your costs when you extend the lifetime of your steam power plant components

From new to customized components, we supply a wide range of strategic spare parts.
With a decade of experience, extensive original equipment manufacturer knowledge, and our national footprint, Wirabima can offer all the advantages of a one-stop shop, coupled with efficient supply chain management and the best available technologies.
We deliver new and spare parts of the highest quality and design, along with solutions for part lifecycle management that help you keep pace with market developments.

Our customers can benefit from flexible solutions such as online ordering, spare parts pooling and inventory programs.

Boiler parts

From new to customized components, we supply a wide range of replacement or upgraded parts. Our in-kind replacement parts offer accurate fit, form and function, and most feature performance upgrades from the original.

  • Firing Systems
  • Pressure Parts
  • Coal Handling
  • Pulverisers
  • Ash Handling Systems

Air quality control system parts

Our range of parts covers our own designs, as well as those of other OEMs, for Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP), Fabric Filters (FF), Flue Gas Desulphurization (wet and dry FGD), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and other equipment along the entire flue gas line. Our mechanical and electrical parts benefit from the most recent designs and are supplied either as standard kits or as upgrades.

Steam turbine parts

Parts we deliver include:

  • Casings
  • Bearings and pedestals
  • Steam chests
  • Valves
  • Actuators and pipe work
  • Rotors
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Controls and monitoring systems


Turbo generator parts

We supply a wide range of logistics and strategic spares, from new to customized components. Wirabima’s national supply chain responds to stringent quality requirements.

Repairs for utility and industrial steam power plant equipment


Fast, smart repairs and national availability for steam power plants

Leveraging the competencies in our National Workshop Network, we offer high-quality preventative maintenance, outage management, spare parts, and fast and smart repairs of all components and services for both OEM and other OEM fleets.

Boiler repairs

With 3 sites nationwide, our service centers respond to stringent quality requirements.

Air quality control system repairs

We offer repairs and spare parts for all environmental technologies and components. We plan and carry out preventative maintenance, as well as outage management. Wirabima is a proven expert in outage techniques and Emergency Response Planning (ERP) methodology.

Steam turbine repairs

We provide services for all steam turbine components including:

  • Rotors – straightening, balancing, weld repairs, disc head repairs, disassembly and rebuild
  • Casings – re-rounding, erosion and corrosion repair
  • Blading – fixed and moving blades, last-stage blade protection


Turbo generator repairs

Minimize outage duration and optimize generator availability with our outage and repair services. In-service reliability depends critically on the quality of preventative maintenance performed during planned outages.
Readily available spare parts and the efficiency of repair solutions also play a key part in generator availability.
Field services for utility and industrial steam power plants


The largest local field service organization in the world

Wirabima’s Field Service organization supports our customers worldwide with strong technology and engineering capabilities. Wirabima provides maintenance management, field repairs, installation, commissioning, construction and supervision.
Our field service network comprises around 100 employees with the skills and experience necessary to keep your plant operations in line with your strategy. This market presence allows us to deliver consistent results taking into account relevant local regulations and constraints.
Wirabima has vast technical and outage management experience on our own and other OEM components, systems and fleets.

We provide:

  • Maintenance and overhaul management
  • Field repairs
  • Erection
  • Commissioning
  • Construction
  • Supervision
  • Automated and manual inspections
  • Performance tests
  • Condition assessments.

We strive to ensure our services are of the highest quality and are delivered on time, with an absolute commitment to safety.

Advice and operational support for coal and oil-fired steam power plants


Maximize performance, availability and reliability of your steam power plant 

We support our customers in choosing the right solution to maximize their plant performance, availability and reliability. We offer assessments, design studies, outage compression techniques, inspection technologies, Emergency Response Planning (ERP), monitoring and diagnostics, our Plant Support Center™ and training.

You get best-in-class technical assistance and support for almost any manufacturer’s design, thanks to our dedicated technical service engineers.

Our teams are backed by an unmatched installed base and experience, enabling us to help customers choose the right solution to maximize plant and component performance, availability and reliability through innovative services such as:

  • Performance, lifetime and other plant-wide and component assessments
  • Online monitoring and diagnostics inspections
  • Operational risk mitigation
  • Design studies
  • Outage compression techniques
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emergency Response Planning (ERP)
  • Training

For example, the monitoring and diagnostics tools used by our turbo generator teams detect deterioration of electrical and mechanical components to make informed decisions on what maintenance is needed – and when. This means:

  • Risks and potential failures are detected early, increasing availability and reliability
  • Online real-time condition trending of generators
  • The ability to plan the management of high-risk areas
  • Reduced O&M costs and better lifetime management

Our Integrated Solutions specialists use methodical whole-plant, or more targeted assessments to help customers plan and optimize the future of their existing assets. These assessments uncover the best improvement options given technical and budget constraints.

  • Technical – Economic Assessments: ECO|RAM™ and STEP|X™
  • Various Condition  Assessments

Performance improvement for coal and oil-fired steam power plants


Meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with our proven expertise to improve performance of your steam power plant

Plant operators today face multiple challenges in their efforts to make their plants more competitive and flexible while complying with a variety of ever more stringent environmental regulations. We have solutions to modernize, upgrade or retrofit, and a unique range of integrated service solutions than can bring greater value than traditional component upgrade projects.

We can help you strike the right balance with our customized modernizations, upgrades, optimizations and retrofits, based on our knowledge of all types of equipment and technologies.

What’s more, by taking a holistic approach to understanding and addressing your plant and market requirements, our Integrated Solutions teams can determine the most cost-effective solutions and uncover hidden plant potential.

We’re extending our unique technological knowledge even further through sustained investments in R&D, specifically dedicated to the installed base, focusing on efficiency, flexibility, reliability and the environment.

Our solutions cover either single components (pulveriser, tubing, burners) or entire systems/plants (low NOx, SO2 reduction, fuel switching and biomass).

Air quality control systems (AQCS)

We have comprehensive knowledge of all types of equipment, technologies and processes needed along the flue gas line. Our technical solutions for retrofits and upgrades rely on a unique combination of process expertise with innovative mechanical, electrical and IT systems.

Steam turbines

Our performance improvement solutions cover either single component (rotor and steam path, cylinder, blades, valves, control systems, auxiliary systems etc.) or entire systems/plants, whatever the origin of the equipment.

Turbo generators

We offer renovations and modernization solutions covering all critical generator components, including full stator replacements, core replacements, stator rewinds, rotor rewinds with new or existing coils, and retaining ring replacements.

Optimize your plant strategy with Integrated Solutions

To address today’s complex market challenges, we also offer a range of integrated service solutions.

From whole-plant, or more targeted, system assessments to product selection and customization, we are a reliable one-stop partner. By taking a holistic approach to understanding and addressing your plant and market requirements, we can help you find the most cost-effective solutions and uncover hidden potential.

Thinking in terms of systems and interactions generates performance-optimized solutions which are of much greater value than traditional component upgrade projects.
Service contracts for coal and oil-fired steam power plants


Flexible contracts and performance guarantees for coal and oil-fired steam power plants 

Whatever your operational, maintenance or support requirements, Wirabima’s service contracts are tailored to meet any customer requirements. They are flexible in scope, contract duration and risk sharing.

Whether a long-term service agreement (LTSA), an operation and maintenance agreement (O&M) or a frame agreement, our contracts are designed to create a win-win situation for our customers and our business.

Our services also carry long-term performance guarantees, using proven methodologies and commercial practices.

We can provide:

  • In-depth performance and condition assessments
  • Regular inspections
  • Planned outage preparation and work
  • Unplanned outage response
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • Operational support and recommendations
  • Spare parts management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Diagnostics and control
  • Performance guarantees

Services for steam power plant equipment


Fast, efficient, expert services for boilers, air quality control systems, steam turbines and turbo generators

Benefit from a decade of expertise and global reach when you choose our wide-ranging services.

Wirabima is the national’s number one retrofit and service supplier. Our complete service offering covers steam turbines, turbo generators, boilers and air quality control systems including:

  • Plant-wide assessments and design studies
  • Component original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Installation management
  • Testing
  • Retrofits, upgrades and modernization projects of any scope
  • Service contracts and long-term operations and maintenance (O&M) contract

Boiler services: With more than 1,400 retrofits performed worldwide on boiler islands, we’re the leading global supplier of performance customization solutions.
Air quality control system services: Wirabima supplies state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. We have the complete range of products and services to maintain, upgrade and extend equipment lifetime.
Steam turbine services: We can carry out steam turbine retrofits, other modernization projects and provide a complete service offering for impulse or reaction turbine blade technology. Our solutions cover either single components (rotor and steam path, cylinder, blades, valves, control systems, auxiliary systems etc.) or entire systems/plants, whatever the origin of the equipment.
Turbo generator services: Thanks to the broadest technical product portfolio and expertise, you can benefit from service, upgrades and rewind solutions either on Wirabima equipment or that of other manufacturers.
Services on other OEM equipment for coal and oil-fired steam power plants


Expertise on almost any brands steam power plant equipment -one-stop for added value

Through proven and solid project execution expertise and mergers and acquisitions, Wirabima has gained extensive know-how in interfacing and integrating various equipment, regard to many brand.

Our retrofit and service offering applies equally to Wirabima products and to equipment from third parties, or other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We have vast experience in servicing, upgrading and retrofitting a wide range of turbines, generators, boilers and air quality control systems (AQCS), regardless of the original technology and unit configuration.

Concentrated know-how
Wirabima’s portfolio is the result of expanding to many brand over years by integrating established manufacturers and acquiring on-going technological expertise. Today, we can offer our customers a one-stop solution for optimizing plant performance – from turbine to generator, and from the boiler to the AQCS units. Our other OEM services are supervised by our specialist competence centers and delivered through our global field service network.

Inclusive scope
Mastering both Wirabima and other OEM equipment, we are able to optimize performance, reliability and availability throughout the lifecycle of any type of power plant with major components made by almost any major manufacturer.

For boiler and AQCS we can service any equipment and for steam turbines, and generators, we cover most brands. Besides routine operations and maintenance work, we also offer other OEM repairs and reconditioning and parts for performance and/or lifetime extension benefits.

Our other OEM track record
Steam turbine: Only Wirabima offers both reaction and impulse technology. Since 2013, Wirabima has retrofitted nearly 40 steam turbine cylinders made by other manufacturers and we have also completed more than 17 service outages on other OEM steam turbines.
Generator: 33 other OEM units have been retrofitted with Wirabima technology and over 120 outages have been completed. Industrial: We have a special team dedicated to industrial steam turbine service solutions, covering most major OEM equipment across a range of industrial segments.